Endorsed by doctors including a liver specialist:

“As a physician and a scientist the Cheerz product appeals to me as it is completely different from other products, many of which are simply activated charcoal or repackaged vitamins. There is growing evidence that acetaldehyde is a main cause of morning after discomfort and also Asian flush. By helping to remove this toxic chemical from the body, Cheerz can help alleviate these symptoms.”
John Shen, M.D., UCSD Medical Center, San Diego, CA

“Based on my experience as a liver transplant specialist and my anecdotal observations both personally and with family members, as a supplement the Cheerz product is remarkably effective in reducing the symptomatic effects of alcohol toxicity with responsible social use.”
Dirk P. Slaker, M.D., gastroenterologist, hepatologist (retired), Department of Internal Medicine, St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, St. Louis, MO

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Real People, Real Feedback:

“A pill to prevent a hangover? Sounds like the mother of all old wives’ tales. Before a (few) rounds of champagne at a recent birthday party, I dubiously threw back one of these Cheerz iTabs. The next morning, I woke up in fighting form — and an absolute iTabs convert.”
Julia Rappaport, Boston Herald, “Gotta Love It

RT @Zak_Bagans: this stuff really works! 4 real…no joke whoever created this needs to win an award r somethin
Zak Bagans, lead paranormal investigator and host of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures

Surprisingly normal. Whoa—this actually worked. Cheerz tablets hold up well when jumbled around in a purse full of junk.
Deanna Rilling; Las Vegas Weekly, Team-tested guide to hangover cures

A far drunker friend I gave this to was up bright and early and singing its praises.
Xania Woodman; Las Vegas Weekly, Team-tested guide to hangover cures

It worked great! I had like 3 shots of Patron, 3 glasses of wine and 4 hours of sleep, no problem ! I’m turning my girlfriends on to it too!
Holly Huddleston, “Olly Girls”

iShot is awesome!! It seems to work best for me if I take it about 30 minutes before the first drink. It tastes pretty good, it decreases the redness in my skin, and the next morning I’m chipper as can be!
Lilly C., Montecito CA

My boyfriend thought I was crazy for ordering it and laughed while we were out for St. Patty’s Day! He wasn’t laughing when I was up and about the next day cleaning and leaving the house by 9am while he was still in bed with a headache! He is ready to take it now — and telling all of his drinking buddies!
Emily H., Ohio

I’ve recently tried other so-called remedies. Nothing compares to Cheerz. I’m a major party animal and when we go out, we drink all night. I usually wake up with a pounding headache, dry mouth and nausea, but since starting on this product, I’ve felt fine the next day. After trying Cheerz, I bought an entire case. I believe it’s great for lightweights and heavyweights alike. Believe me, I’m a total skeptic about things that seem too good to be true, so I was really impressed after trying it.
Dave U., Scottsdale, Ariz

I’m Asian and though I like to party it can be extremely inconvenient because I couldn’t drink due to the Asian flush and other symptoms which occured even after less than one beer. However, after I tried Cheerz I found myself enjoying my weekends even more without having to worry about looking stupid or becoming so easily sick when I drank. It’s a lot more fun to be a part of everything! Thanks Cheerz!
Jane L., Portland, Oregon

I am a production assistant in LA and we keep pretty weird hours so I have to be ready to go in a moments notice. In Hollywood there’s ALWAYS a party. I love being ready for an early call on just a few hours sleep. Cheerz is my secret weapon!
LC., Los Angeles, Calif

Everyone in my family is a social drinker, but I have the worst morning after pain. Whenever we get together I can usually handle a margarita or two, but wine is another matter. Even one glass of wine and I am down and out. Nausea and painful headaches so severe I can barely keep my eyes open. My family good-naturedly teases that I’m not part of the family because I’m “allergic” to alcohol. The other night at dinner my boyfriend introduced me to Cheerz. I took the pills and enjoyed not one, but THREE glasses of wine. I woke up early the next morning for a yard sale and felt GREAT. Thanks to Cheerz I can finally enjoy a drink or two without living in fear. This is truly an amazing product.
Renee P., Middletown, Conn

By the end of the night I had drank a bottle of Pinot Noir wine. The next day I woke up and I felt like a million dollars! I actually thought I was dreaming. This product is amazing and I am so grateful that Mom sent me some to try rather than taking them herself! My question for you: What do I need to do to get a lifetime supply of this?
Maggie K., Traverse City, Mich

You guys are on to something. I’ve tried it 4 times I’m not a big drinker, but I usually feel less than my best the next day. Cheerz allows me to function normally the next day. I’ll be ordering more.
Tom D., Oak Ridge, N. Carolina

I thought I would try Cheerz New Year’s Eve. Boy am I glad I did. The next morning everyone was jealous. I rolled out of bed without a trace of nausea. I need to order more fast cause now my friends want some too!
Laura W., Havertown, Penn

I can be social again! Over the past couple of years I’ve developed intolerance to alcohol such that even just three drinks over a couple hours would have me throwing up the next day. I went to two different doctors who had no explanation why this was happening or how to fix it. Researching my symptoms on the Web led me to your site and with holidays coming up I figured it was worth a try. Long story short, I just placed my second order, my husband used the rest of mine up! Cheerz is wonderful!
Alicia T., Durham, N. Carolina

I heard about Cheerz on a local news program. I was skeptical but decided to order it as I was going to Las Vegas and I knew I would be ‘overindulging’. I took Cheerz as prescribed, hoping it would work but knew it was too good to be true. I was pleasantly surprised the next morning. Normally, for the amount I drank the night before, I’d have spent a good part of the day in bed. I not only woke up early but felt great! The stuff works, I don’t know how but it does!
Cindy C., San Diego, Calif

A big night out at the pub and absolutely no problem getting up early for work Friday morning. Clear as a bell. Wow.
Jason C., Alberta, Canada

I love Cheerz. I’m going to order more soon because all of my friends took mine! Cheerz helped me have a clearer head in the morning and stopped the heart palpitations that I get in the middle of the night after drinking even a few glasses of wine. I forgot to take it with me one night to a party, that night I woke up because of the heart palpitations and took two Cheerz, I was able to go back to sleep in no time! It will be great to have Cheerz at my next sales meeting because we all stay up very late socializing and have to be at meetings at 8:00am!
J.V., Syracuse, NY

Love it! I was going to a wedding to really enjoy myself–since I have not drank in over a year (just had twins) I figured I’d give it a try. WOW! It’s great!
Jeanine W., Glenside, Penn

Actually, I’ve just placed another order for Cheerz. What happened is that I ended up sharing my previous order with curious friends and we all agreed that it sure seemed to work. So now it’s re-order time. Good product!
Anita I., Santa Monica, Calif

This product is truly amazing! I’m Asian and every time I drink I get the “Asian flush” really bad, plus a wicked next day. My face looks like a red apple and feels like it’s on fire. Well not anymore! Now that I take Cheerz when I go out drinking with my friends I don’t suffer from “Asian flush” OR morning after pain at all. My girlfriend even says she likes going out with me more now!
GG.F., Redondo Beach, Calif

Just got back from two days in Vegas with 8 of my old college buds for a fantasy football draft party weekend, and I’ve never felt better after one of those weekends! I’m normally the guy in the group that’s throwing up all the way home on Sunday and hung over until Tuesday, but this year we got up on Sunday and had breakfast and had a great ride home. After drinking until 2am on Friday night, we got up on Saturday and had about a 6-pack while we drafted, then went to the Hofbrauhaus and had another 4 or 5 1-liter steins of German beer. My friends are still feeling it, but I’m doing great. I know at least half of those guys are going to be stocking up for the trip next year!
Jason N., Los Angeles, Calif

I was skeptical to try Cheerz since I had tried the Chaser pills and they only made me feel worse. But a magazine I trust said they worked great, so I figured I would give it a shot. I used Cheerz on New Years Eve, where we went to a party with 5 hours of open bar. And believe me, I took advantage of it! I figured I’d be sick no matter what, so even if they didn’t work, I’d be no worse off than everyone else that went. I WAS AMAZED!!!!! I am usually the one who can barely get out of bed, and if I do, it’s to run to the bathroom to throw up. Sometimes I don’t even feel 100% for a couple days. This time, however, I was the only one up and ready for the world the next day… I was waiting for them! I have recommended Cheerz to everyone I know.
Kristy D., Chicago, IL

When I was younger, I could drink all night and feel fine the next day, now it seems if I even LOOK at a drink, I get massive pain the next day. Yesterday my Cheerz arrived and it was perfect timing. My boyfriend and I went out for several margaritas and beers and I made sure to follow the instructions on the package and brought enough for the night. This morning, I’m awake, I have no queasiness which I normally always get after a night of alcohol and there was no pounding headache or feelings of shakiness. I think I’ve found the miracle cure and I’m so excited that it ACTUALLY worked! I was so skeptical but now I’m a definite believer and lifetime customer. Thanks a LOT!
Mary F., Woodbridge, Virginia

The next morning after a long night of drink was incredible. No headache, no stomachache, problem at all. I used it again two days later and got the same results. I will definitely be using Cheerz every time I drink.
Anthony C., 21, San Diego, Calif

I took two pills an hour before drinking anything. Then after my first drink I took one more pill. Then one pill every two drinks and two when I woke up. Alcohol consumption: five Grey Goose martinis, one shooter of Hypnotic (passion fruit juice, vodka and cognac); and one Alabama Slammer. Effects: pretty well toasted. No big head, no nausea and surprisingly not dehydrated.
Mark Z., Atlanta, GA

Went to Vegas with my husband and stayed up all night drinking (wine & beer) and took 2 Cheerz every other drink as prescribed on the package. Wow. Slept for 4 hours and woke up raring to go do some shopping on the concourse!
Linda R., Dallas, Tex

Every time I drink I get very flushed and so hot and inevitably wake up the next day in terrible shape! I was amazed when I tried Cheerz (a no side effect solution compared to more radical prescriptions by friends such as Pepcid AC). Cheerz has truly changed my confidence the night of and my constitution for the next day. I just wish I had found it sooner!
Eric B., Boston, Mass

I heard about Cheerz on a local radio show and ordered some for New Year’s Eve. I gave it to friends at work and a few people I partied with that night. I ran up a $150 bar tab New Years Eve, and the only pain I had the next day was my Visa bill. Everyone that I gave it to said that it worked great. I will never go out drinking without Cheerz again.
Danny O., Rockville MD

Cheerz is AMAZING! I went out with some friends to celebrate a hockey championship and had a lot to drink. I took Cheerz before I started drinking and during the party, and I woke up the next morning feeling like I had NOTHING to drink! I will always take Cheerz when I am drinking.
C. Sterling, San Diego, Calif

I bought 3 packs because we had friends coming to visit for 4 days before Christmas. We knew with these friends we’d be overdoing it almost nightly, but we didn’t want that to ruin our next day on the slopes. I put together little Christmas gift bags that ‘Santa’ left the first night, and each person got a Cheerz strip in their bag. All of us were stunned. I swear by this stuff now. No matter how much we drank we felt great the next day. I even noticed if we forgot to take the pills every two drinks that it still worked great. I’m buying everyone a pack for Christmas next year. Thanks so much.
Kristin R., Colorado Springs, Col

I woke up amazed that this product actually works! Instead of wasting my next day with a headache and feeling bad, I was able to make it productive and wake up feeling awesome!
Michael Pfost, Florida

I used Cheerz for the Asian flush and it took it away completely. Miracle. All I can say.
Jon W., Gainesville, Florida

As I’ve gotten older I can barely drink one drink without feeling sluggish the next day. So I bought it just before New Year’s so that at least I could enjoy a few. I drank 3 or 4 drinks and woke up the next day feeling great. Works! It’s wonderful.
Nancy B., Abingdon, MD

I felt great! I woke up with energy and I didn’t have that stay-in-bed feeling all day. My weekend in Vegas turned out to be the best time I have ever had, probably because I didn’t spend my days being sick.
Lindsey C., Long Beach, Calif

I felt 90% better the next morning. This product could change my life.
Mike G., Lake Forest, Calif

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